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Louis Alfred Wiltz
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Francis T. Nicholls
Governor by Election
Served from January 13, 1880
Served to October 16, 1881
Left Office by Death
Succeeded by Samuel D. McEnery
Born January 21, 1843
New Orleans
Died October 16, 1881
New Orleans
Cause Tuberculosis
Age 38
Party Democratic
Education New Orleans Public Schools
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Michaela Bienvenu
Children 7, four girls & 1 son survived him
Religion Catholic
Burial St. Louis Cemetery #2
Metairie Cemetery

1880 - 1881

Louis Alfred Wiltz, the 27th Governor of Louisiana, died in 1881 of tuberculosis at age 38 while governor.  

A New Orleans area native, he joined the Chalmette Regiment of the Volunteer State Troops Militia Infantry for the civil war effort.  He rose to Captain of Co E, called "Wiltz's Gulf Guards".  His father was also a Captain in the regiment but became deathly ill and was returned to Chalmette.

The Chalmette Regiment was located at Quarantine Station, six miles upriver from Fort St. Philip before Admiral Farragut attacked.  Word arrived to Louis Wiltz that his father was soon to die.  His fellow officers and superior officer urged him to visit his father at Chalmette.

After Admiral Farragut successfully came upriver past Forts Jackson and St. Philip, Confederate Gen. Tracy disbanded the Chalmette Regiment.  Many were captured and later paroled.  Louis A. Wiltz, however, was in Chalmette dealing with the death of his father and soon left the city after the funeral.  

Many of his Co E soldiers were captured downriver.  Wiltz then joined the Cavalry of the Trans-Mississippi Department.  He commanded a number of scouts from different regiments.

He later became Mayor of New Orleans, a state representative, speaker of the house, and Lt. Governor before being elected as Governor of Louisiana. 

He was one of the incorporators of the Louisiana Historical Society's new charter in April, 1877, when he was Lt. Governor and President of the Senate.  This society was originally founded on January 15, 1836.

He was also a member of the Army of Tennessee - Louisiana Division - Association. 

As a member, he was reserved a space in the Association's Army of Tennessee Tumulus in Metairie Cemetery.  His crypt is across the aisle from Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard and has this engraving:

Louis A. Wiltz
Co E. Chalmette Regt.
Died Oct. 16, 1881

Wiltz, Louis A., Capt. Co. E, Chalmette Regt. La. Mil. On Roll not dated, ordered into the service of the State of Louisiana. Remarks: Present. On List not dated as Commander of Co. Roll for March 2, _, to _, En. March 2, 1862, New Orleans, La. Present or absent not stated.

Above from Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers by Andrew B. Booth


Several obituaries state that he was interred in the St. Louis Cemetery #2 family tomb.  The family tomb does not record his burial.

The book, Army of Tennessee - Louisiana Division - The Association and Tumulus, by Jerry Johnson Wier is a remarkable record of the association and tumulus. 

Investigation of this discrepancy is ongoing.

Wiltz Tomb
St. Louis Cemetery No. 2


Mrs. Francoise St. Amand

Epouse de
Jn. Bte. Edmond Wiltz
Nee a la Paroisse St. Charles
Decedee le 10 Mai 1837
Agee de 52 ans

Micael Bienvenu

wife of Louis Alfred Wiltz
died Nov. 26, 1903.



La. Secretary of State
National Governors Association
New Orleans Public Library


Army of Tennessee - Louisiana Division - The Association and Tumulus
by Jerry Johnson Wier


Eulogy - 1881
History of Louis Alfred Wiltz
Kendall's History of New Orleans
Obituary - 1881 Philadelphia Inquirer
Sketch of His Life and Public Career
- Times Picayune, October 16, 1881
Wiltz Fund
- Times Picayune, October 27, 1881


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