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Fowler Cemetery


Picture by Richard Barlow


Wife of

Feb. 1, 1861
Feb. 6, 1880

Following note is by Richard P. Barlow:

This cemetery is located on lands that were patented by Lewis Fowler in 1860. Lewis Fowler was my 3rd great grandfather. Mary J. (Jane) Fowler was Lewis Fowler’s granddaughter. Mary J.’s father was John Andrews Fowler. Note that the name is spelled Foular on the monument. Since the monument has the manufacturer inscribed in the lower right hand corner, J. S. Clark Co., Lou. KY, we speculate that it must have been ordered and shipped to the family with the incorrect spelling.

 Based on rumors uncovered in genealogical work by one of my cousins, and a report from a lady that grew up in the area, we finally located the cemetery with the help of the 89 year old current landowner. Based upon the local lady’s memory as a child, she says there were 5-6 other homemade mortar/concrete markers near this headstone but the inscriptions were not legible. We have not located any additional markers, but have not had the time to remove the brush and briars to do a thorough search. It has also been reported that a nearby pipeline under construction ran into the cemetery in the 1960’s and that the pipeline R/W was moved to bypass the cemetery location. We also received a tip that the Jackson Parish Police Jury required the pipeline company to build a fence around the cemetery. We have located and flagged the old fence which has fallen down.

As you can see on the monument, Mary J. was born on Feb. 1, 1861 and deceased on Feb. 6, 1880. She gave birth to a child in January 1880. The baby girl, Milley Ann P. Smith, lived and was raised by her father, Rev. J. M. Smith (James Madison Smith).

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