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Section 103

Metairie Cemetery

Section 103

New Orleans

Pictures by Martin Gauthier



DAVID MUSHET          1819  ̶  ̶  1902

Served in
Confederate Guards Regiment
Louisiana Militia
C. S. A.

Musket, D., Pvt. Co. B, Confederate Guards Regt. La. Mil. Roll for March 8 to April 30, 1862 (only Roll on file), En. New Orleans, La., March 8, 1862. Present. Note: Transferred by T. O. Moore, Gov. of the State of Louisiana, to Maj. Gen. M. Lovell, C. S. A., March 8, 1862, for local defense of the City of New Orleans, La.

Above from Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers by Andrew B. Booth

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