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Baker is the rightmost figure in this bronze relief of five governors, Hahn, Wells, Flanders, Warmoth and Baker. George F. Shepley is not included. Warmoth and Baker are swapped in the order of service.

Joshua Baker
5th Military &
22nd Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Benjamin F. Flanders
Governor by Appointment
Served from January 8, 1868
Served to June 27, 1868
Left Office by Resignation
Succeeded by Henry C. Warmouth
Military Lieutenant - U.S. Army - 1819
Col. - La. State Militia 1826-29
Captain-Cavalry 1846-1851
Born March 23, 1799
Mason Co., Kentucky
Died April 15, 1885
Lyme, Connecticut
Age 86
Party Unionist
Education Lexington Academy
Education U. S. Military Academy - 1819
10th out of 29
graduated in 2 years
Profession Professor / Lawyer
Engineer / Planter
Spouse Francis Asheton Steele
Children 3
Spouse Catherine Francis Patton
Children 2
Plantation Black Bayou
Terrebonne Parish
Plantation Grand River
St. Martin Parish
Plantation Fairfax
St. Mary Parish
Religion Catholic
Burial Green-Wood Cemetery
Brooklyn, New York


West Point Reunion
June 12, 1885


Joshua Baker, the 5th Military Governor of Louisiana died April 15, 1885 in Lyme, Connecticut while visiting his daughter Margaret.  He had outlived two wives and all his children except for the daughter that he was visiting.  Margaret had him interred in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

Margaret, her husband John P. Van Bergen and some children are also buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, all in Section 171. 

Joshua Baker's services were performed at Margaret's estate called "Cricket Lawn" near Lyme, Connecticut before transport by train to the cemetery.

Also buried in Green-Wood Cemetery are Samuel Morse, inventor of the telegraph, and Horace Greeley, newspaperman.

Baker was the last Military Governor of Louisiana.  He was appointed by President Andrew Johnson in January, 1868.  His term was short because of a special election for governor in April 1868 which resulted in the election of Henry Clay Warmoth.


Joshua Baker and Van Bergen Family Headstones

Green-Wood Cemetery
Brooklyn, New York

picture contributed by Chris Belena


unreadable line
April 15, 1885
Aged 86 Years

Green-Wood Cemetery
Brooklyn, New York

picture contributed by Chris Belena

These headstones are severely weathered.



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