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Louisiana Cemeteries presents the monuments, memorials, headstones, obituaries and cemeteries of the deceased Louisiana governors, from William Charles Cole Claiborne to Edwin Washington Edwards.

The Lost Governors

Louisiana has misplaced the burial sites of these governors:

Isaac Johnson - J. P. Smith Cemetery in West Feliciana Parish
Henry Johnson - Woodley Plantation, near Valverda, La.
Joseph Marshall Walker - On His Plantation, near Alexandria, La.
Charles E. 'Buddy' Roemer whose ashes are scattered on his family plantation.

This majestic remembrance of Governor Huey Pierce Long is on the state capitol grounds in Baton Rouge.

Gov. Packard
, abdicated, rests in beautiful Washelli Columbarium in Seattle, Washington.

Governor Robert Charles Wickliffe rests in his father's family plot in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Gov. Armand Beauvais tomb in St. Louis Cemetery #2 in New Orleans.

Unrecognized Governors

These Louisiana governors have chosen, or their families have chosen, to not recognize their service as governor of Louisiana on their markers, memorials or epitaphs:

Joshua Baker
Jacques Dupre
Murphy James Foster
Michael Hahn
Luther Egbert Hall
Alvin Olin King
John Milliken Parker
Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback
John McEnery
Huey Pierce Long (original headstone)
Thomas Overton Moore
Alexander Mouton
Stephen Bennett Packard
Ruffin Golson Pleasant
Andre Bienvenu Roman
Charles E. 'Buddy' Roemer
Thomas Bolling Robertson
Jared Young Sanders
Oramel Hinckney Simpson
George Foster Shepley
Henry Schuyler Thibodaux
David Conner Treen
Joseph Marshall Walker
Henry Clay Warmoth
James Madison Wells
Robert Charles Wickliffe

Out of state governors:

Joshua Baker - Brooklyn, New York
William Pitt Kellogg - Arlington, Virginia
Stephan Bennett Packard - Seattle, Washington
Thomas Bolling Robertson - White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
George Foster Shepley - Portland, Maine
Robert Charles Wickliffe - Bardstown, Kentucky

and this gentleman, appointed governor, but declined:
Thomas Jefferson Durant - Georgetown, D. C.

Governors not visited:

Joshua Baker - Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
Pierre Derbigny - St. Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans
Thomas Jefferson Durant - Oak Hill Cemetery, D. C.
Stephan Bennett Packard - Washelli Columbarium, Seattle, Washington

Governors Numbering System

This is the system used for numbering governors service.


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