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Murphy J. "Mike" Foster
61st and 62nd
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Edwin E. Edwards
Governor by Election
Served from January 12, 1996
Served to January 13, 2004
Left Office by 2nd Term Ended
Succeeded by Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
Born July 11, 1930
Shreveport, La.
Died October 4, 2020
Franklin, La.
Age 90
Party Republican
Education Virginia Military Institute
Louisiana State Univesity (BS) Southern University (JD)
Profession Farmer, Construction, Politician
Military Service US Air Force in Korea
Home Oaklawn Manor, an antebellum plantation, in Franklin, La
Spouse Alice C.
Wed on
Children 4
Burial Franklin Cemetery
Franklin, La

1996 - 2004

Murphy J. "Mike" Foster, 61st and 62nd governor of Louisiana, died in 2020.  He is buried at Franklin Cemetery in Franklin, La.

Mike is the son of Murphy James Foster and the grandson of Murphy J. Foster, also a two time governor from 1892 - 1900. His mother is Olive Roberts. Mike graduated from Virginia Military Institute, Louisiana State University (BS) and Southern University (JD).

He served in the US Air Force during Korea and became a wealthy farmer and business man before he entered politics at age 57. He served two terms in the state Senate before he ran for governor against Democrat Cleo Fields.

His political platform included gun control, racial quotas and political corruption. He had practices that were favorable to business.

He worked to cause reorganization of Louisiana's community college system and expanded the TOPS program. He also caused mandatory standardized testing for grade advance.


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National Governors Association


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