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Jean Baptiste Lemoyne
Sieur de
3rd, 5th, 7th & 10th
French Governor

Preceded by Sieur de Sauvole
Served 1 from 1701 - 1713
Succeeded by Sieur de Cadillac
Preceded by Sieur de Cadillac
Served 2 from 1716 - 1717
Succeeded by Jean Michiele de Lépinay
Preceded by Jean Michiele de Lépinay
Served 3 from 1718 - 1724
Succeeded by Pierre Sidrac Dugue de Boisbriand
Preceded by Etienne de Perier
Served 4 from 1733 - 1743
Succeeded by Pierre Rigaud, Marquis de Vaudreuil
Baptised February 23, 1680
Died March 7, 1767
Age 87
Education Naval
Profession Explorer / Soldier / Governor
Spouse Never Married
Religion Catholic
Burial Unknown location

1701 - 1713
1716 - 1717
1718 - 1724
1733 - 1743

Jean Baptiste Lemoyne , Sieur de Bienville

Bienville, born in Montreal, Canada, first came to the Louisiana Territory with his brother Iberville, in 1699.  He was appointed the 3rd governor of French Louisiana by King Louis IV at the age of 21. 

Four times French Governor of Louisiana, he finally resigning the position in 1743 to return to France.  He has been called the "Father of Louisiana" and is recognized on the State Capitol Building as shown below.

An extract of a letter from Mississippi, dated April 30, 1736, written by a member of Bienville's march to destroy the savages called Chickasaws is in a link below.

Bienville died in Paris on 7th March, 1767.  His funeral services were at the Church of Saint-Eustache.  A book, New Orleans Cemeteries by Eric J. Brock states that he is buried in Montmartre Cemetery in Paris, France.  Another source states that this cemetery was not opened until 1825, long after Bienville's death.

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