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Sieur de Cadillac
French Governor

Preceded by Sieur de Bienville
Served  from 1713 - 1716
Succeeded by Sieur de Bienville
Born March 5, 1658
Died October 16, 1730
Age 72
Education Jesuit Education
Profession Explorer / Governor
Spouse Marie-Thérèse Guyon
Children 13
Religion Catholic
Burial Carmelite Father's Church

1713 - 1716

Antoine Laumet de Lamothe, Sieur de Cadillac

Cadillac, appropriately, helped found Detroit.  He explored the area of the Great Lakes and drew up charts,  He established Fort Pontchartrain at the straight connecting Lakes Huron and Erie.

The king in 1710 appointed him Governor of Louisiana, but he did not arrive until 1713 at Fort Louis.  His relationship with financier Antoine Crozat led to his being removed from office in 1716.  Returning to Paris, he was arrested and imprisoned in the Bastille for months.  He was shortly released and by 1722 back in good grace and appointed Governor of Castelsarrasin.


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