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Michael Hahn
2nd Military &
19th Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by George F. Shepley
Governor by Election
Served from March 4, 1864
Served to March 3, 1865
Left Office by Resignation
Succeeded by James M. Wells
Born November 24, 1830
Klingemunster, Germany
Died March 15, 1886
Willard Hotel
Washington, D. C.
Cause Internal Hemorrhage
Age 55
Party Republican
Education University of Louisiana
Profession Lawyer
Spouse None
Plantation Hahnville Sugar
Religion Catholic
Burial Metairie Cemetery

1864 - 1865

Michael Hahn, left most figure, the 2nd military Governor of Louisiana of Union held territories during the Civil War, died in 1886.  He is buried in Metairie Cemetery.

He grew sugar cane in St. Charles Parish, yet was staunchly anti-slavery.  The town of Hahnville bears his name. 

After his term as governor, he was a state legislator for St. Charles Parish, a school board member, State Registrar of Voters, superintendent of the U.S. Mint in New Orleans, a Judge of the Twenty-Sixth Judicial District and finally, a Congressman from Louisiana.

Michael Hahn, never married, is buried with the George Antz family.  Christine Hahn Antz is the sister of Michael Hahn and the wife of George Antz.

Michael Hahn was the 1864-1865 Governor of Union held territories of Louisiana during the war.  A t the same time Henry Watkins Allen was the Governor of Confederate held territories of Louisiana.  

Governor Hahn relinquished the governorship to become United States Senator.  Because of the reconstruction views of President Johnson, Senator Hahn was not allowed a seat in the Senate.

During the Mechanics Institute riot of 1866, Hahn was doomed to the scaffold with others, but was spared by the efforts of Lt. Gov. Albert Voorhies.

He died in his apartment in the Willard Hotel in Washington, D. C., while he was a member of the Louisiana Congressional Delegation.

The death of Governor Hahn was not until 1886, yet, on the tomb there is not recognition of him as a Governor of Louisiana, nor of his many other accomplishments.

Athalie LeBlanc Antz
Jan. 13, 1876 - June 7, 1960

George Antz,
March 31, 1814.   Died Sept. 29, 1881

Charlotte Antz,
Born July 12, 1808.   Died June 13, 1838

Henry C. Antz
Born Nov. 14, 1806.   Died May 29, 1872

Julia Eckhardt,
Wife of Reinhard Wirth,
Born Aug. 24, 1847.   Died Feb. 8, 1883

Michael Hahn,
Born November 24, 1830
Died in Wahington, D.C.  Mar. 15, 1886. 

Christine Hahn, Wife of Geo. Antz.
Born Oct. 12, 1827.   Died Febr'y 8, 1901.

Henry A. Antz,
1852 -- 1908. 

Ernest F. Antz,
1859 -- 1911

Athalie LeBlanc Antz
Beloved Wife of Ernest F. Antz
Jan. 16, 1876
                                                                               June 7, 1960

Michael Hahn,

Born November 24, 1830
Died in Washington, D.C. Mar. 15, 1886.


1864 The Restoration Of The Union
Inauguration Of Hon. Michael Hahn, Governor of Louisiana, On Lafayette Square, New Orleans, March 4
artist - C.E.H. Bonwill

Hand colored wood engraving published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on April 2, 1864.



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