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Robert Floyd Kennon
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Earl K. Long
Governor by Election
Served from May 13, 1952
Served to May 8, 1956
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Earl K. Long
Born August 12, 1902
near Minden, Louisiana
Died January 11, 1988
Baton Rouge
Age 85
Party Democratic
Education Louisiana State University
B. S. - 1923
J. D. - 1925
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Eugenia Sentell
Dec. 27, 1908 - May 24, 2002
Children 3 sons
Religion Presbyterian
Burial Young Family Cemetery

1952 - 1956

Robert Floyd Kennon, 50th governor of Louisiana, died in 1988.  He is buried in the Young Family Cemetery.

He attended Louisiana State University after graduating from Minden High School.  Kennon was very active at LSU, writing articles for the Daily Reveille, captain in the ROTC, played center on the football team, helped to organize the tennis team and was a tennis team member.  He was also an outstanding scholar. 

He entered politics in Minden, serving as mayor from 1925-1928.  He later became the Bossier-Webster Parish District Attorney from 1930 to 1940.

By 1942 he was judge of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  From 1945 to 1947 he was an Associate Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.

During World War II he was a Lt. Colonel in the National Guard serving overseas with the XIII Corps, Ninth Army,

After the war, in 1948 Kennon ran against a youthful Russell B. Long, son of ex-governor and senator Huey P. Long, for the vacant senate seat of John H. Overton.  Senator Overton died in office.  Long received 51% of the vote, but Kennon's state wide attraction was thus established.

He defeated Judge Carlos Spaht to become governor in 1952.  Governor Kennon implemented reforms in the the civil service system, battled prostitution and gambling, implemented prison reforms and installed voting machines state wide.

He ran unsuccessfully for governor again in 1963 and then retired from politics.


Robert Floyd Kennon
Aug. 21, 1902
Jan. 11,1988

Eugenia Sentell Kennon
Dec. 27, 1908
May 24, 2002

Governor and First Lady of Louisiana 1952 - 1956



La. Secretary of State
National Governors Association


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