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Alvin Olin King
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Huey P. Long
Governor by Succession
Served from January 25, 1932
Served to May 16, 1932
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Oscar K. Allen
June 21, 1890
Leoti, Kansas
January 21, 1958
Lake Charles, Louisiana
Age 67
Party Democratic
Education Tulane University
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Willie Lee Voris
Children 2
Religion Methodist
Burial Orange Grove Cemetery

1932 - 1932

Alvin Olin King, the 42nd governor of Louisiana, died in 1958.  He is interred in the family tomb in Orange Grove & Graceland Cemeteries in Lake Charles.

He received a law degree from Tulane University in 1915.  He practiced law in his home town of Lake Charles and was elected to the state senate in 1924.  He was President Pro Tempore of the Louisiana Senate when Governor Huey Pierce Long resigned to become U.S. Senator.

Lt. Governor Dr. Paul Cyr declared the office of governor vacant and proclaimed himself Governor.  Long succeeded in affecting that Lt. Governor Cyr's action were illegal and that the Lt. Governor's office was vacant.   Alvin Olin King then became Lt. Governor and then Governor.  He held that office for 5 months until Long's candidate Oscar Kelly Allen was elected governor.

He returned to his law practice in Lake Charles and later became President of the Louisiana Bar Association.

Right Side Engraving

Willie Lee Voris King
March 30, 1895
January 19, 1959

Alvin Olin King
June 21, 1890
February 21, 1958

Alvin Olin King, Jr.
January 25, 1923
January 20, 1931

Left Side Engraving

Francis Thompson King
January 21, 1917
February 10, 1981

Voris King
January 20, 1917
July 5, 1991

Willie Lee Voris King is the wife of Governor Alvin Olin King.

Alvin Olin, Jr. and Voris are their children.


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