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Henry Schuyler Thibodaux
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Thomas B. Robertson
Governor by Succession
Served from November 15, 1824
Served to December 13, 1824
Left Office by Succession term ended
Succeeded by Henry Johnson
Born January 1, 1769
Albany, New York
Died October 24, 1827
Bayou Terrebone, Louisiana
Cause Liver
Age 58
Party Democratic-Republican
Education Scotland
Profession Judge
Spouse Felecite´ Bonvillain
Children 3
Spouse Bridget Belanger
Children 5
Plantation Rienzi
Religion Catholic
Burial Halfway Cemetery


Henry Schuyler Thibodaux, the 4th Governor of Louisiana, served in 1824.  He is the leftmost figure in this bronze relief of three short term Louisiana governors.

Jacques Dupre is the middle figure and Arnaud Beauvais is the rightmost.  These three governors served less than 18 months cumulatively.

Born on January 1, 1769 in Albany, New York, he was orphaned at an early age and adopted by General Philip Schuyler, spending his early years in Scotland. 

He came to Louisiana in 1794, settled in St. James Parish and married Felicite Bonvillian.  They had three children before she died. 

Bridgette Belanger, his second wife, gave him five more children.

After moving to Lafourche Parish, he was elected Justice of the Peace and then elected to the Territorial Legislature.  He was elected as a State Senator from 1812-1824.  In 1824 he was president of the senate when Governor Thomas B. Robertson resigned to become a federal judge. 

Henry Schuyler Thibodaux succeeded to become Governor of Louisiana. Henry Johnson had already been elected as governor succeeding Robertson, so Thibodaux was in office for a short period.

He died on October 24, 1827 while campaigning for governor for the term beginning in 1828.  He was buried in Halfway Cemetery near the town of Gray.

Halfway Cemetery with Thibodaux Tomb in center of view.


Roadside Historic Marker in front of the cemetery.

Tomb of
Henry Schuyler

Born Albany, New York, 1769.
Died at his plantation near
this place, 1827.  "Father
of Terrebone Parish"
and Acting Governor of
Louisiana, 1824.

Henry Schuyler Thibodaux tomb

Henry Schuyler

1769 - 1827


A few miles away in St. Bridget Cemetery is a grandson of Governor Thibodaux:

R. I. P.
Born 4-27-1856
Died 9-30-1938

This Henry Thibodaux is the son of Henry Michel Thibodaux and Marie Azelie Lirette.
Henry Michel Thibodaux is the son of Governor Thibodaux and Brigitte Belanger.


In St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 in New Orleans


Estelle M. Thibodeaux
Aug. 29, 1900 - Dec. 2, 1971
Benj. Schuyler Thibodeaux
Dec. 11, 1894 - Oct. 29, 1981
Lillian Thibodeaux
Dec. 11, 1894 - Dec. 15, 1981
Schuyler B. Thibodeaux
Nov. 16, 1927 - May 31, 1999

(Benj. and Lillian were twins)


Claiborne Thibodaux
Great grandson of Henry S. Thibodaux
with family in St. Joseph Cemetery in Thibodaux
near Gov. White tomb.



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