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Robert Charles Wickliffe
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Paul O. Hebert
Governor by Election
Served from January 30, 1856
Served to January 11, 1860
Left Office by Term ended
Succeeded by Thomas O. Moore
Military Brevet Colonel - U.S. Army Mexican War
January 6, 1819
Bardstown, Kentucky
April 18, 1895
Bardstown, Kentucky
Age 76
Party Democratic
Education St. Joseph College
Education Augusta College
Education Centre College
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Anna Dawson
Children 2
Spouse Anna Davis
Children 2
Plantation Wyoming
Religion Presbyterian
Bardstown Cemetery
Bardstown, Kentucky

1856 - 1860

Robert Charles Wickliffe, the 16th Governor of Louisiana, was born in Bardstown, Kentucky.  He is one of eleven children, including seven sisters.

He studied law in Washington, D. C. and thereafter practiced in his home town of Bardstown.  His wife, Anna Ruffin Dawson, of West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, was the daughter of John Bennett Dawson and the niece of Louisiana Governor Isaac Johnson, also of West Feliciana Parish.   While Uncle Isaac was Governor, Anna and Robert moved to Louisiana to her father's plantation 'Wyoming', in hopes that Robert could better recuperate from an illness.

Wickliffe was twice elected to the state senate and was President Pro Temp when the lieutenant governor died.  He succeeded to the office of Lt. Governor in 1854.  He ran for and was elected Governor of Louisiana and began his term in 1856.  He succeeded in advancing railroad development, and began monitoring of the Board of Currency which regulated banks.

Robert Wickliffe's father, Charles Anderson Wickliffe of Kentucky, was a member of the 1861 Washington Peace Commission that tried to prevent the Civil War.  Robert Wickliffe refused participation in secession and did not serve either side during the Civil War.  He made himself available as an intermediary between the warring sides.  He was eventually arrested by the Union forces at his plantation and later released in New Orleans. 

In 1866 he was elected to Congress but was denied his seat.  In 1876 he was selected as Presidential Elector at Large by the Democratic Nominating Convention.  Nicholls was the nominee for governor.

He was an unsuccessful candidate for lieutenant governor in 1892,  He retired to his home town of Bardstown about 1892.  He died in Shelbyville, Kentucky on April 18, 1895 and is buried in his parents family plot in Bardstown Cemetery with his second wife Anna Davis.

Governor Wickliffe was married twice, first to Anna Ruffin Dawson.  Their son, John B. Wickliffe died as an infant and was buried on Wyoming Plantation Cemetery (near the Dawson residence).

Anna Ruffin Dawson Wickliffe, died May 18, 1853 and was buried in the same cemetery.  Their daughters name is Margaret.  The Wyoming Plantation Cemetery no longer exists.

His second marriage was to Annie Davis Anderson, who died in 1876 and is buried in Bardstown Cemetery alongside of Robert C. Wickliffe.  She preceded him in death by 19 years.  Their two children are Robert C. and Elizabeth.  Robert became a congressman from Louisiana and is documented on a following page.

The Charles Anderson Wickliffe Family Plot

Annie D. and Robert C. Wickliffe's small headstones are together near the entrance.

Right Headstone

Robert C.
1819 - 1895

Left Headstone

Annie D.
1837 - 1876

Governor Robert Wickliffe Parents and Family are on the following pages.




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