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Richard Webster Leche
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by James A. Noe
Governor by Election
Served May 12, 1936
Served June 26, 1939
Left Office by Resigned
Succeeded by Earl K. Long
Born May 15, 1898
New Orleans
Died February 22, 1965
New Orleans
Cause Cancer
Age 67
Party Democratic
Education Loyola University
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Elton Reynolds
Children 2
Religion Episcopal
Burial Metairie Cemetery

1936 -1939

Richard Webster Leche, the 45th governor of Louisiana, died in 1965.  He is buried in the family tomb in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans.

Leche's first try at public office was in 1928 for a state Senate seat from the Eighth Senatorial District.  He was defeated by Tom McConnell in the second primary.  Leche was the New Orleans city campaign manager for Gov. Huey Long's U. S. Senatorial campaign in 1930.  In 1932 he became the secretary to Gov. Oscar K. Allen.

Leche was appointed judge of the state court of appeal in September 1934.  Following Huey Long's death in September 1935, Leche was chosen by the party to be the successor to Gov. Allen.

Judge Richard Leche, as a candidate for governor promised to have the state match the federal contribution for old age pension.  He also promised to remove the school teachers from state control and over to the parishes.  His speeches stated an expectation of a record vote for his candidacy.

Richard Leche resigned from office, with about a year left to his term, claiming ill health.

In June 1940, after being convicted on a federal conviction of mail fraud, he filed an
appeal to avoid a 10 year prison sentence.  The conviction was based on mail fraud
in the purchase of 233 trucks for the state highway department from an Alexandria
dealer.  It was alleged that Leche received $31,000 of the excess profits from the
dealer.  The go-between man testified that he paid Gov. Leche an additional $22,000.

The conviction was upheld.  He was paroled in May of 1945.

Stella Louise Richard
Wife of Eustace W. Leche
1872 -- 1926

Eustace Webster Leche
1869 -- 1930

Richard Webster Leche
1936     GOVERNOR OF LOUISIANA     1939
May 17, 1889 --Feb. 22, 1965

Hebert Girton Deignan
Husband of Stella Marie Leche
Dec. 5, 1906 -- Mar. 15, 1968

Stella Leche Deignan
Feb. 17, 1901 -- Aug. 30, 1993

Elton Reynolds Leche
June 12, 1903 -- Apr. 29, 1999


Leche Questioned Concerning LSU Irregularities - July 20, 1939, Times Picayune
Leche Receives 10 Year Sentence
Leche Receives Prison Parole
Leche Speaks as Governor to Assembly of Louisiana & Mississippi National Guard

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