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James Albert Noe
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Oscar K. Allen
Governor by Succession
Served from January 28, 1936
Served to May 12, 1936
Left Office by Death
Succeeded by Richard W. Leche
December 21, 1890
near West Point, Kentucky
October 18, 1976
Cause Heart
Age 86
Party Democratic
Profession Businessman
Spouse Anna Gray Sweeney
Children 3
Religion Methodist
Burial Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery


James Albert Noe, the 44th Governor of Louisiana, died in 1976.  He is interred at Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery in Monroe in the Emma Lee Short Memorial Chapel Mausoleum. 

In 1932, he was elected state senator upon encouragement of Huey Long and then became President Pro Tempore of the Senate.   James Noe succeeded to governor after Lt. Governor John B. Fournet resigned due to his election to the Louisiana Supreme Court and Governor Oscar K. Allen then died in office.  He was Governor for about five months until the seating of Richard Webster Leche as the new governor.  He returned to the state senate until 1940.

James A. Noe was a 1st Lieutenant in World War I serving in the 369th Infantry in France.  After the war he became a very successful oilman in Louisiana and Texas.  He owned radio stations, a TV station and several farms in different locales.

James A. Noe Family Room
Left Side

James A. Noe Family Room
Right Side

James A Noe  Sr
1891     1976

Father of Anna Gray (Gay) Noe McLendon
James A Noe Jr     Linda McRae Noe Laine
Governor of Louisiana   1936

Anna Gray Sweeney Noe
1901     1972

Mother of Anna Gray (Gay) Noe McLendon
James A Noe Jr     Linda Mc Rae Noe Laine

Gladys Cosper Sweeney Parrish
1902     1972

Mother of Frances Ann Parrish Baoz
And Noel Cosper Parrish

John Dennis Sweeney
1872     1915

Hazel Cosper Sweeney
1882     1912

Parents of Anna Gray Sweeney Noe
And Gladys Cosper Sweeney Parrish

William Yeldell Cosper, M.D.
1842     1918

Anna (Ada) Gray Cosper
1841     1912

Parents of Hazel Cosper Sweeney

Gay Noe McLendon
1923     1993

Emma Lee Short Memorial Chapel
Chapel Mausoleum



La. Secretary of State
National Governors Association

University of Louisiana at Monroe - Noe Collection


Noe Withdraws from Governor's Race
- October 8, 1935
Governor Noe Reelected to State Senate - January 29, 1936

Governor Honored on Final Day
- May 12, 1936
Noe Campaigns for Sam Jones for Governor
- February 13, 1940
Noe Supports Governor Earl K. Long - July 11, 1959
Earl K. Long Supports Noe for Governor - September 20, 1959
Noe - Long Platform Announced - October 29, 1959

James Albert Noe, Jr. Obit
- July 12, 2005


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