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Alexander Mouton
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Andre B. Roman
Governor by Election
Served from January 30, 1843
Served to February 12, 1846
Left Office by Term ended by new constitution
Succeeded by Isaac Johnson
Born November 19, 1804
Lafayette Parish
Died February 12, 1885
Vermillionville (Lafayette)
Age 80
Party Democratic
Education Georgetown College
Wahington, D. C.
Profession Lawyer / Planter
Spouse Zilia Rousseau
Children 5
Spouse Emma Kitchel Gardner
Children 6
Plantation Ile Copal
Religion Catholic
Burial St. John Cathedral Cemetery

1843 - 1846

Alexander Mouton, 12th governor of Louisiana, died in 1885.  He is interred in St. John Cathedral Cemetery in Lafayette.

Alfred Mouton, his son, graduated in 1850 from the United States Military Academy.  He became Brigadier General of the Confederate States of America.  He was killed in the Battle of Mansfield and reintered at St. John Cathedral Cemetery.

Franklin K. Gardner, stepson and brother-in-law,  graduated in 1843 from the United States Military Academy in the same class as Ulysses S. Grant.  He became Major General of the Confederate States of America.  He survived the war and is buried near his step father/ brother-in-law Alexander Mouton.

Alexander Mouton while in the U. S. Senate married Emma Kitchel Gardner, a daughter of Charles Kitchel Gardner in Washington, D. C. in February 1842. He had already been nominated by the Democratic party for Governor of Louisiana.  He shortly resigned his senate seat to contest the election for governor which he won by more than 1300 votes.

Alexander Mouton was president of the convention which on January 26, 1861 voted 113 to 17 for the Ordinance of Secession of Louisiana from the union with the United States.

After the war he retired to his plantation. 

Mouton's 1st Wife - Mother of 5 children


Died the 16th of October 1837

Age 26 years


Alexander Mouton
Born Nov. 19, 1804,
Died Feb. 12, 1885.

Also his wife

Emma K. Gardner
Born Aug. 9, 1820,
Died March 1, 1897.


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