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  André Bienvenu Roman
9th & 11th
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Jacques  Dupre
Governor by Election
Served from January 31, 1831
Served to February 2, 1835
Left Office by Term ended
Succeeded by Edward D. White
Preceded by Edward D. White
Governor by Election
Served from February 4, 1839
Served to January 30, 1843
Left Office by Term ended
Succeeded by Alexander Mouton
Born March 5, 1795
near Opelousas, Louisiana
Died January 28, 1866
New Orleans
Cause Collapsed and died while walking
Age 71
Party Whig
Education St. Mary College
Profession Planter
Spouse Aimée Françoise Parent
Children 8
Plantation Cabahanoce
Religion Catholic
Burial St. Jacques Cabahanoce Cemetery
Reinterred St. James Cemetery

1831 - 1835
1839 - 1843

André Bienvenu Roman, the 9th and 11th Governor of Louisiana, was born near Opelousas in 1795 and died while walking near his home in New Orleans in 1866.  He was 71.

An historic marker denotes the location of Cabahanoce Plantation, where Governor Andre Roman was interred in its St. Jacques Cabahanoce Cemetery. The great flood of 1927 caused his removal to St. James Catholic Church Cemetery.

He was strongly supported for governor in a contentious election by Henry Clay, who had come to live in New Orleans in support of Roman's campaign.  In 1839 he was elected once more, thus becoming the first Louisiana governor to be elected twice.

Roman, representing St. James and St. John the Baptist Parish areas, voted against secession in the Louisiana Secession Convention of 1861.

However, he refused to take an oath of allegiance to protect his property after Union occupation.  He was reduced to accepting the position of New Orleans City Recorder of Deeds and Mortgages immediately before his death.

André Roman was one of the founders of College of Jefferson which opened in 1834 in St. James Parish.  Today it is operated and known as Manresa Retreat House.

His brother, Jacques Telesphore Roman, had built and owned Oak Alley Plantation in St. James Parish for many years.



Governor André Bienvenu Roman Grave Site

Amazingly, the Governors head stone has not yet cracked.

The original Robert Roman Head Stone.

Robert Roman
Born the 6 October 1830,
Died the 6 November 1855.

Here Reposes
André Bienvenu Roman
Born the 5th of March 1795,
Died in New Orleans
the 28th of January 1866.

Robert Roman
Born the 6 October 1830,
Died the 6 November 1855.

Opposite view of André Bienvenu Roman Grave Site with levee in the background.

Valcour Aime Family Tomb

Only Remaining Stone - leaning against front of tomb.

Lady Alfred Roman
by birth Felicie Aime,
died in Paris (France)
the 25 January 1859.

Lucie Roman
died the 20 October 1863
age of 11 years.

The Valcour Aime Family tomb is close to the grave site of Governor Roman.
Valcour Aime and his wife Josephine Roman, the sister of André Roman,
were reinterred in St. Louis Cemetery # 3 in New Orleans in 1929,
which accounts for the missing stones.  The missing stones are now on the side of
 the Septime Fortier family tomb in St. Louis Cemetery # 3 as shown below:

Septime Fortier Family tomb
In St. Louis Cemetery # 3 in New Orleans

Valcour Aime family stones are located on the right side.

Septime Fortier is the son-in-law of Valcour Aime.

This marker was placed by Jefferson Davis Chapter in 1975

Valcour Aime
Capt 6 LA Militia
War of 1812
Confederate States Army
1797     1867

Left Stone (St Louis Cemetery # 3)

Josephine Roman (Governor Roman's sister)
Dame Valcour Aime
Born in St. Landry Parish
the 25th of February, 1797
Died in Orleans Parish
the 7th of February, 1856

Zenon Roman
Born in St. Landry Parish
in Opelousas
Died in Orleans Parish
the 14th of October, 1830
at the age of 10 years.

Middle Stone (St Louis Cemetery # 3)

Valcour Aime
Died the 1st of January, 1867
at the age of 69 years.

Dame Charles Parent
daughter of Edwige Roman
born in Attakapa
died the 12th of May 1817
at the age of 17 years

Right Stone (St Louis Cemetery # 3)

Gabriel Aime
born in St. James
the 11 March, 1826
died the 18th of September, 1851

Dame Marie L. Patin
widow of Jacques Roman
born in Pointe Coupee
the 12th of October 1763
died in New Orleans
the 14th of October 1830.

Sign in front of the St. James Catholic Church across the road from the cemetery.

Sign near the cemetery.

Sign several miles downriver from the cemetery.



La. Secretary of State
National Governors Association


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