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Ruffin Golson Pleasant
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Luther E. Hall
Governor by Election
Served from May 15, 1916
Served to May 17, 1920
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by John M. Parker
Military Spanish-American War
Lt. Col. 1st La. Regiment
June 2, 1871
Shiloh, Louisiana
September 12, 1937
Shreveport, Louisiana
Cause Heart Attack
Age 66
Party Democratic
Education Louisiana State University
Education Harvard University
Education Yale University
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Anne Ector
Feb. 14, 1906
Shreveport, La.
Children None
Religion Presbyterian
Burial Forest Park Cemetery

1916 - 1920

Ruffin Golson Pleasant was the 37th Governor of Louisiana. 

Anne Ector Pleasant, the governor's wife, is the daughter of Confederate General Mathew Duncan Ector of Texas, dying about a year after his daughter was born.  Matthew Ector was a personal friend of Jefferson Davis. 

Anne died September 12, 1934 from accidentally drinking a poisonous antiseptic in a dark bathroom.  Exactly three years later, the governor died.  They are interred at Forest Park Cemetery in Shreveport.

He was Lt. Colonel of the 1st Louisiana Regiment of Infantry, United States Volunteers in the Spanish American War.  He completed his law studies after the war and was admitted to the bar in 1899.  He maintained an active practice in Shreveport.  He was a member of the first LSU football team.

He became Shreveport city attorney before becoming Attorney General of Louisiana.  He was then elected Governor of Louisiana in 1916 and served in that position during World War I.  He was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention of 1916 and 1924 and was a member of the Louisiana State Constitutional Convention of 1921.


Ruffin G. Pleasant Family Site

Ruffin G. Pleasant
1871     1937

Lt. Col.
1st Louisiana Volunteer Infantry
Spanish American War

Anne Ector Pleasant
1878     1934


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