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John Milliken Parker
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Ruffin G. Pleasant
Governor by Election
Served from May 17, 1920
Served to May 19, 1924
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Henry L. Fuqua
Born March 16, 1863
Bethel Church, Mississippi
Died May 20, 1939
Pass Christian, Mississippi
Cause Long Illness
Age 76
Party Democratic
Education Chamberlain-Hunt Academy
Port Gibson, Mississippi
Belle View Academy
Eastman's Business School
New Orleans
Profession Planter
Spouse Cecile Airey
Children 4
Religion Presbyterian
Burial Metairie Cemetery

1920 - 1924

John Milliken Parker, the 38th governor of Louisiana, died in 1939.  He is buried in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans with the Airey family.  The cemetery stone does not mention that he was the Governor of Louisiana.

His father was in the cotton business in New Orleans.  John Parker, following his father's path, became President of the Board of Trade in 1893 and President of the Southern Commercial Congress in 1897.  He was the first President of the Mississippi Valley Association.

In 1916 he was named vice presidential running mate of Progressive presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt, but Mr. Roosevelt withdrew and the campaign collapsed.  Parker then ran as a Progressive candidate for governor in 1916 but lost to Ruffin G. Pleasant.

In 1920 he was elected governor on the Democratic ticket with the support of ex-governor Ruffin Pleasant.  By 1922, the Klu Klux Klan had become so powerful in north Louisiana, that Gov. Parker asked for help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

After his term as governor he retired to his farm at Bayou Sara near St. Francisville.  He became a principal in the Anti-Long Constitutional League.  Also opposing Long were former governors Pleasant and Sanders.

President Theodore Roosevelt selected Parker, among others, to raise a volunteer infantry division for service in France during World War I in 1917.

The John M, Parker Agriculture Coliseum at LSU is named in his honor.

Governor Parker is the first cousin, once removed, to Mary Ann Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln.  The governor's great grandparents, Robert P. Parker and Elizabeth Rittenhouse are the grandparents of Mary Ann Todd Lincoln.

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1838 - 1894

Virginia C. Airey
1840 - 1921

Our Children
Louisa -- Annette
Edna -- Aline

Saidee R. Parker
1889 - 1913

John M. Parker
1863 - 1939

Thomas Lee Airey
1879 - 1954

Marion Moore Airey
1891 - 1977


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