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Jared Young Sanders
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Newton C. Blanchard
Governor by Election
Served May 20, 1908
Served May 20, 1912
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Luther E. Hall
January 29, 1869
near Morgan City
March 23, 1944
Baton Rouge
Cause Extended Illness
Age 75
Party Democratic
Education St. Charles Jesuit College
Education Tulane
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Ada Veronica Shaw
Children 2
Spouse Emma Dickinson
Children 0
Religion Presbyterian
Burial Franklin Cemetery

1908 - 1912

Jared Young Sanders, the 35th Governor of Louisiana, died in 1944.  He is buried in Franklin Cemetery in Franklin, Louisiana. 

He was in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1892 to 1904 and Speaker of the House in 1900.  He was Lt. Governor from 1904 to 1908 before being elected Governor of Louisiana in 1908.

Following his term as governor, he was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1917-1921, and a delegate to the 1921 Louisiana Constitutional Convention.  He was elected U. S. Senator by a joint session of the Louisiana legislature following the death of Senator Samuel McEnery in 1910.

He was really Jared Young Sanders, III, but used Sr. instead.  His son Jared Young Sanders, IV similarly used Jr.

Jared, Jr. was also an attorney and also a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Governor Jared Young Sanders family site includes a large number of family members.  The memorial does not mention that he was a Governor of Louisiana nor does it mention any of his other accomplishments.


The Sanders Memorial.

James Nixon Wofford
1817 -- 1904

Mary Diana Coke Wofford
1820 -- 1904

Jared Young Sanders
1869 -- 1944

Bessie W. Sanders
1873 -- 1965

Fannie D. Cocke Pugh
1852 -- 1939



Jared Young Sanders
1839 -- 1881

Elizabeth Wofford Sanders
1845 -- 1929

Francis Mitchell Sanders
1880 -- 1880

Lelia Rachel Sanders
1881 -- 1881

Henry Lyon Sanders
1877 -- 1901

Mary Diana Sanders
1905 -- 1905

Thomas Talbot Sanders
1879 -- 1937

Mary Diana Sanders
1871 -- 1938

Sally Sanders Ogden
1872 -- 1943

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