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Newton Crain Blanchard
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by William W. Heard
Governor by Election
Served from May 10, 1904
Served to May 20, 1908
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Jared Y. Sanders
January 29, 1849
near Boyce, Louisiana
June 22, 1922
Shreveport, Louisiana
Cause Prolonged Illness
Age 73
Party Democratic
Education Louisiana State University
Education Tulane
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Mary Emily Barret
Children 2
Spouse Charlotte Tracy
Children 1
Religion Episcopalian
Burial Greenwood Cemetery

1904 - 1908

Newton Crain Blanchard, the 34th Governor of Louisiana, served from 1904-1908.  He died on June 22, 1922 at age 73 and is interred in Greenwood Cemetery in Shreveport.

Newton Blanchard was highly qualified to become governor.  Born on January 29, 1849, he was admitted to the bar in 1871 after graduating from University of Louisiana (Tulane University).  Elected to the U. S. House of Representatives in 1881, he served until his resignation in 1894 when he was appointed to the U. S. Senate.  He was then elected to that position and served until 1897.

In 1897 he was elected as an associate justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, where he remained until his election as Governor of Louisiana in 1904.

As governor he worked to more than double state expenditures on education, doubling the number of high schools in the process.  Certification for teachers was implemented as well as for public school libraries.   He created a State Board of Forestry, worked to lower property taxes and created a board to assess property.

As governor, he was instrumental in having the law passed that mandated statewide primary elections for all state and national elections.

In 1905, after failing to have Mississippi stop the yellow fever quarantine imposed by individuals of that state, he called out the Naval Militia to drive the blockaders from Lake Borgne.  Several Mississippi patrol boats and crews were seized and detained by the Louisiana Naval Militia effectively ending the naval quarantine.

He resumed his law practice after his term ended.  In 1913 he was a member of the state constitutional convention.


Newton Crain Blanchard Family Site


In Loving Memory
Mary Emily Barret

Wife Of
Newton C. Blanchard
April 1, 1856
July 27, 1907

She Is Not Dead We Know: But When God Spoke
From Out This Mortal Dream Her Spirit Woke.
Left Dust To Dust And On Unfettered Wings
Fared Safely On To Heavenly Journeyings.

Blanchard Monument Left Side

Newton Crain Blanchard
January 29, 1849
June 22, 1922

Representative In Congress
United States Senator
Justice Supreme Court
Governor of Louisiana
President Constitutional Convention 1913

Grant Him Eternal Rest, O Lord,
And May Light Perpetual Shine Upon Him.

Headstone Side 1


Our Beloved Son
Dr. James Ashton
May 11, 1874
Feb 14, 1920

Headstone Side 2


Our Father
Newton Crain
May 27, 1910
May 30, 1971


La. Secretary of State
National Governors Association

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Blanchard Nominated for 5th Term by Acclamation

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                      La. State Board of Heath Report 1906-1907
(yellow fever)
Mississippi Protests La. Seizure of Yellow Fever Patrol Boats

Quarantine May Cause Civil War

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