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Edward Douglass White
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Andre B. Roman
Governor by Election
Served from February 2, 1835
Served to February 4, 1839
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Andre B. Roman
Born March 3, 1795
Maury Co., Tennessee
Died April 18, 1847
New Orleans
Cause Long Illness, Lung Failure
Age 52
Party Whig
Education University of Nashville 1815
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Catherine Sidney Lee Ringgold
Children 5
Plantation Edward D. White
Religion Catholic
Burial St. Joseph Cemetery

1835 - 1839

Edward Douglass White, the 10th Governor of Louisiana, died in 1847.  He is buried in St. Joseph Cemetery in Thibodaux. 

Edward White has the unique distinction among Louisiana governors of being entombed alongside his wife's second husband.

His son, Edward Douglass White, Jr., served as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Although a native of Nashville, Tennessee, he was beloved by Louisiana natives.  This was remarkable since his term was beset by great divisiveness between Anglos and Creoles.

Edward White graduated from the University of Nashville.  His Louisiana career began in Donaldsonville as a lawyer.  Henry Johnson was there as well, also of Tennessee, also a lawyer, also a future governor.

Gov. Henry Johnson supported Edward D. White in a campaign for Congress against an incumbent.  White won.  Both Johnson and White later owned plantations in Thibodaux.  Governor Johnson's daughter is buried in St. Joseph Cemetery in Thibodaux across the aisle from the Edward D. White tomb.

Gov. White's sister-in-law, Eliza Lee Ringgold, also in White's tomb, is the godmother of Henry Johnson's niece Mary Catherine Key, whose father, Phillip Barton Key, is buried across the aisle from the White tomb alongside Gov. Johnson's daughter.


White Family Tomb

Edward Douglass White
Born in Tennessee in the year 1794.
Died in Louisiana in the year 1847.

Andre Brousseau
Born in Montreal Canada Feb. 11, 1812.
Died in New Orleans Aug. 11, 1878.

Catherine Sidney Lee
Widow of Edward Douglass White
and of Andre Brousseau.
Born in Virginia April 19, 1817.
Died in New Orleans Sept. 20, 1885

Susan Philomene White
Daughter of Edward Douglass White and
Catherine Sidney Lee Ringgold
Born Lafourche April 27, 1838
Died Port Hope Canada August 1, 1911

The right stone engraving

Eliza Lee Ringgold
Born Aug. 11, 1806.  Died Aug. 22, 1849

Mary Alice Brousseau
Born at New Orleans Sept. 1, 1852
Died Febv. 24, 1861

Thomas Anthony Brousseau
Born at New Orleans Aug. 10, 1854
Died at New Orleans April 8, 1861

Mary Sidney White
Born at Lafourche Nov. 28, 1846
Died at New Orleans March 5, 1866

Eliza Lee White
Daughter of Edward Douglas White And
Catherine Sidney Lee Ringgold.
Born Lafourche August 11, 1812
Died Lexington Kentucky January 18, 1912

Engraving on left side of tomb

"A Judge of the City court of New Orleans
Representative of Louisiana in Congress
of the U.S. at different periods and Governor
of the state from 1834 to 1838."


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