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William Wright Heard
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Murphy J. Foster
Governor by Election
Served from May 8, 1900
Served to May 10, 1904
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Newton C. Blanchard
Born April 28, 1853
Union Parish
Died May 31, 1926
New Orleans
Cause Long illness, partial paralysis
Age 73
Party Democratic
Education Attended academy at Farmerville
Profession Accounting/Banking
Spouse Isabelle Elizabeth Manning
Married December 3, 1878
Children 7
Religion Baptist
Burial Metairie Cemetery

1900 - 1904

William Wright Heard, the 33rd Governor of Louisiana, died in 1926.  He is buried in the Heard-Rogan family tomb in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans.

The plaque of Governor Heard is on the left side of a family tomb.  The plaque of his wife, Elizabeth Manning Heard is also on the left side.

In his early life he became interested in public service and became Deputy Clerk and later Clerk of Court for Union Parish from 1876 until 1882. 

In 1884 he was elected to the Louisiana House and in 1888 to the Senate.  In 1892 he was elected auditor of public accounts and then relected in 1886.

In 1900 he was elected Governor of Louisiana.  Following his term, he became Vice-President of State National Bank in New Orleans.  He then served for seven years as New Orleans Registrar of Voters.

He was several times President of the State Baptist Convention and once as Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

At his death, he was survived by his wife, Isabel Manning Heard and five of his children.

John Arthur Meade
Son of John and Rosalind Rogan Meade
July 21, 1943 - June 6, 1995

Vase Engraving Left to Right
Dooley - Rogan - Heard

Governor Heard shares a plaque with other family members.

This plaque is toward the back of the tomb.

Daniel Barily Rogan
Beloved Husband of Eva Heard
Born Oct. 7, 1884     Died Oct. 10, 1918

Hugh Dooley,
Beloved Husband of Eva Heard
Born June 20, 1885     Died Jan 8, 1925

William Wright Heard
Beloved Husband of Isabelle E. Manning
Born April 28, 1853     Died May 31, 1926

This plaque is toward the front of the tomb.
Isabelle E. Manning Heard is the Governor's wife.

Isabelle E. Manning Heard
Born Aug. 9, 1860.
Died Aug. 28, 1981

Mary Belle Rogan
Wife of Linden Bentley Arthur
Sept. 14, 1910 - Feb. 10, 1961

Eva Heard Rogan Dooley
Jan. 21, 1885 - May 20, 1963





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