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Henry Luse Fuqua
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by John M. Parker
Governor by Election
Served from May 19, 1924
Served to October 11, 1926
Left Office by Death
Succeeded by Oramel H. Simpson
November 8, 1865
Baton Rouge
October 11, 1926
Baton Rouge
Age 61
Party Democratic
Education Magruder Collegiate Institute
Louisiana State University
Profession Business - Hardware
Manager - Louisiana State Penitentiary
Spouse Laura Matta
January 24, 1890
Baton Rouge
Children 3
Religion Episcopal
Burial Roselawn Cemetery

1924 -1926

Henry Luse Fuqua, the 39th governor of Louisiana, died in 1926 and was originally buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Baton Rouge.  His remains were later moved to the newer Roselawn Cemetery.

A native of Baton Rouge, he graduated from Louisiana State University.  He worked as an assistant to railroad engineers before opening  Fuqua Hardware Company in Baton Rouge, which he operated for nearly forty years. 

Fuqua was appointed warden of Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola by Gov. Pleasant and then reappointed by Gov. Parker.  He created inmate trustee guards, abolished stripes on uniforms and added nearly 10,000 acres to the Angola facility, incorporating three plantations.   Fuqua remained as warden until he entered the race for governor in 1924.

The 1924 Democratic primary for governor saw Henry Fuqua defeat Lt. Governor Hewitt Bouanchaud and Huey Pierce Long for the nomination.  The Republican Party received very little support since the days of reconstruction, so Henry Fuqua was then easily elected Governor of Louisiana.

He enacted laws making the masked efforts of the Ku Klux Klan illegal.  He let a contract for the first bridge across Lake Pontchartrain between New Orleans and Slidell. 

He died in 1926 halfway through his term as governor.  The Times Picayune had an unusual full page and more of eulogy and condolences on the loss of much loved Henry Fuqua.

Fuqua Memorial Stadium and Fuqua Street in Baton Rouge were named in his honor.  It seems that the governors name has been dropped as the stadium is now known as Memorial Stadium.



Henry Luse Fuqua
Nov. 8, 1865 -- Oct. 11, 1926
1924                                                1926

James Overton Fuqua
Feb. 17, 1893 -- Dec. 24, 1900

Henry Luse Fuqua named this son after his father James Overton Fuqua
who  voted for secession in the
Louisiana Secession Convention of 1861.

Marie Laure Matta
Wife of
Henry Luse Fuqua
Feb. 26, 1866 -- June 13, 1968

Henry Luse Fuqua, Jr.
Son of
Gov. Henry Luse Fuqua
Marie Laure Matta Fuqua
Aug 7, 1905 -- July 19, 1992

Harriet Cosby
1802 -- 1869
(Mother of James O. Fuqua)
(Grandmother of Henry L. Fuqua)

Jeannette M. Foules
1833 -- 1900
(Mother of Henry L. Fuqua)
(Wife of James O. Fuqua)

Charles K. Fuqua
1869 -- 1916
(Brother of Henry L. Fuqua)

James O. Fuqua
1822 -- 1875
(Father of Henry L. Fuqua)

William F. Fuqua
1864 -- 1901
(Brother of Henry L. Fuqua)

Thomas B. Fuqua
1872 -- 1873
(Brother of Henry L. Fuqua)


Daughter of
Walter Marley Scott, Jr.
Adele Matta Fuqua
Nov. 27, 1916
(Daughter of Henry L. Fuqua)


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