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Oramel Hinckley Simpson
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Henry L. Fuqua
Governor by Succession
Served from October 11, 1926
Served to May 21, 1928
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Huey P. Long
Born March 20, 1870
Washington, Louisiana
Died November 17, 1932
New Orleans
Cause Heart attack
Age 62
Party Democratic
Education Centenary College - 1890
Jackson, Louisiana
Education Tulane - 1892
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Louise Ernestine Pichet
Children None
Religion Methodist
Burial Greenwood Cemetery

1926 - 1928

Oramel Hinckley Simpson, the 40th Governor of Louisiana, was born in Washington in St. Landry Parish in 1870.  He died in New Orleans in 1932 and is interred at Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans. 

He graduated in law from Tulane in 1892.  He was elected secretary of the state Senate in 1900 and remained in that position for eight years.  He became a notary public in 1908.  He was president of Konold Company, Inc., a wholesale dealer in candy and a manufacturer of proprietary drugs.

The candy business was so successful that in 1916 he resigned as secretary of the Excelsior Homestead Association, of which he was a founder.  His wife continued to work there and took his job as secretary.

By 1924 he ran for and was elected as Lt. Governor.  When Governor Henry Luse Fuqua died while in office in 1926, Oramel Simpson succeeded to Governor of Louisiana and ran for the office in the following election losing to Huey Pierce Long.

Simpson married Louise Pichet in 1899.  There were no children.  They are interred in the family tomb of Louise's parents Louis and Maria Pichet.


The Pichet family tomb.

Maria Nathalie Norra
Beloved Wife of Louis Pichet
Born July 15, 1854 - Died Nov. 15, 1919

Louis J. Pichet
Born March 4, 1843 - Died January 4, 1921

Corinne L. Pichet
Beloved Wife of Eugene J. Barrett
Born August 13, 1878 - Died June 13, 1926

Oramel H. Simpson
Beloved Husband of Louise E. Pichet
Born March 20, 1870 - Died Nov. 17, 1932

Charles Ernst Wermuth
Beloved Husband of Marie A. Pichet
Born Aug. 1, 1853 - Died Apr. 17, 1943

Louise Pichet Simpson
Born June 20, 1874 - Died Jan. 20, 1944

Marie Pichet Wermuth
Born Mar. 16, 1870 - Died Mar. 26, 1949

This stone is in front of the tomb.

Victor C. Smith 1875 - 1952
Eugene J. Barrett 1877 - 1956
Adam M. Estopinal 1872 - 1958
Lydia P. Estopinal 1876 - 1961
Camille Pichet Smith 1884 - 1964 

Vase in front of tomb.


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