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Samuel Douglas McEnery
28th & 29th
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by Louis A. Wiltz
Governor by Succession / Election
Served from October 16, 1881
Served to April 17, 1888
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Francis T. Nicholls
Military Rank
Lieutenant (C. S. A.)
Born May 28, 1837
Monroe, Louisiana
Died June 28, 1910
New Orelans
Cause Stomach Ailment
Age 73
Party Democratic
Attended Spring Hill College in Mobile
Attended U. S. Military Academy
Attended University of Virginia
Education State & National Law School
Profession Lawyer, New York bar - 1859
Profession Lawyer, Louisiana bar - 1866
Spouse Elizabeth Phillips
Children 2 sons, 1 daughter
Religion Catholic
Burial Metairie Cemetery

1881 - 1888

Samuel Douglas McEnery, the younger brother of Governor John McEnery, served from 1881 - 1888 and died in 1910.

He was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1880 along with the election of Louis Alfred Wiltz as governor.

Wiltz was seriously ill throughout his brief tenure, dying twenty-one months into his term.  McEnery succeeded as the 28th governor for the remainder of the term and was then elected as the 29th governor for the term beginning in 1884.

McEnery was defeated by Francis T. Nicholls for the Democratic nomination for governor for the term beginning in 1888.

Gov. Nicholls appointed Samuel McEnery as Associate Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court for a twelve year term.

McEnery then ran for governor against Murphy J. Foster in 1892 but lost again.  Governor Foster persuaded the state senate to elect McEnery as U. S. Senator.  Samuel McEnery then served as U. S. Senator from March 1897 until his death in June 1910.

He is buried in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans. 


The Samuel McEnery grave site in Metairie Cemetery.

Sacred to the memory of
Samuel Douglas McEnery
May 28, 1937 -- June 28, 1910

Confederate Soldier, 1861 - 1865
Our Fearless Leader
In Reconstruction Days, 1865-1880
Governor Of This State, 1881 - 1888
Justice of Her Supreme Court, 1888 - 1896
United States Senator 1887 - 1910

"I Pray Thee Then"
"Write Me As One Who Loves His Fellow Men."



To the left of the upright stone
"Charles Phillips McEnery
1879 - 1935"


To the right of the upright stone
"Elizabeth Phillips McEnery
1857 - 1922"



La. Secretary of State
National Governors Association

U. S. Congress Biography



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