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  Francis Redding Tillou Nicholls
27th & 30th
Governor of Louisiana

Preceded by William P. Kellogg
Governor by Election
Served from January 8, 1877
Served to January 13, 1880
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Louis A. Wiltz
Preceded by Samuel D. McEnery
Governor by Election
Served from April 17, 1888
Served to May 10, 1892
Left Office by Term Ended
Succeeded by Murphy J. Foster
Military Rank
Brigadier General (C. S. A.)
October 1862
August 20, 1834
January 4, 1912
near Thibodaux
Cause Heart Failure
Age 77
Party Democratic
Education Jefferson Academy
Education U. S. Military Academy - 1835
Education University of Louisiana
Profession Lawyer
Spouse Caroline Guion
Children 7
Plantation Ridgefield
Religion Episcopalian
Burial St. John Episcopal Cemetery

1877 - 1880
1888 - 1892

Francis Redding Tillou Nicholls, the 27th and 30th Governor of Louisiana, died on January 4, 1912.  He is buried in St. John Episcopal Cemetery in Thibodaux. 

Nicholls graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York in 1855.  After a tour in Florida in the Seminole War, he returned to Louisiana and attended the University of Louisiana (Tulane). 

He married Caroline Guion in 1860 and continued to practice law in Napoleonville until the war started.  He became a Confederate Brigadier General, losing his left arm at Winchester and right foot at Chancellorsville. 

The election for the term beginning 1877 resulted in two governors, two legislatures and two complete sets of state officers.  On January 8, 1877, Packard was inaugurated at the Capitol and Nicholls at St. Patrick's Hall.  There was the Nicholls' government and there was the S. B. Packard government, much like the Kellogg-McEnery dispute of 1872. 

President Grant refused to intervene in Packard's behalf.  So, in this case Nicholls prevailed.

He later became a two time governor and then Chief Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court,

There are a number of family members located around the base of the Governor Nicholls Memorial.

Daughter Margaret Guion Lawton Nicholls died of yellow fever at about age 3 1/2 at Ridgefield Plantation on October 5, 1878. 

Front Engraving

Francis Tillou Nicholls
Brigadier General
C. S. A.
Born August 20, 1834
Died January 4, 1912

"We would see Jesus for the shadows lengthen
Across the little landscape of our life
We would see Jesus our weak faith to strengthen
For the last weariness, the final strife."

Francis Tillou Nicholls
And His Wife
Caroline Guion Nicholls
We Asked Life Of Thee And Thou Gavest Them
A Long Life Even Forever And Ever

Right Side Engraving

At No Time And Under No
Circumstances Will I Permit
One Of My Hands To Aid In
Degrading What The Other
Was Lost In Seeking To Uphold
The Honor Of My Native State

General Nicholls lost his left arm in the Shenandoah Valley Campaign.
He later lost his right foot in the Battle of Chancellorsville.

Rear Engraving

Caroline Guion Nicholls
Wife of Francis Tillou Nicholls
Born June 21, 1840
Died March 30, 1930
Her Children Arise Up
And Call Her Blessed

Left Side Engraving

As Chief Justice His Inherent
Love of Justice and His Pro
Found Knowledge of Law Met
And Blended With His Marvel-
ous Human Sympathy And
Made The Ideal Judge


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